A Perfect Moment

snowmanmug.JPGThe kids’ laughter drifts in from outside. I had bundled five of the six kids up to go play in the first snow accumulation of this winter. Number six is sleeping soundly in my bed. Christmas music quietly plays on the kitchen radio while I stand at the window watching big snowflakes softly fall. Water’s heating on the stove and cocoa stands ready with marshmallows in five cups on the counter. My coffee is brewing as I stand in peace thanking God for this perfect moment in my day. I so appreciate these times – especially since I know shortly the spell will be broken by the liveliness of children bounding in from outdoors proclaiming how cold it is and “can we have hot chocolate…please??” Then I thank God for different kinds of blessings! 🙂


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Filed under Children, Family, Parenting

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