The Ghost of Christmas Eve

neatnorganized.JPGHere’s the latest story written by my 10 year old daughter (first draft keep in mind – completely unedited!):

The snow was falling softly as I looked out the window. It had been falling all day, but I was to busy to notice. I had been getting ready all day for tomorrow was Christmas. As I was sitting here I thougt about Christmas as I stared out at the empty darkness, and as I looked out the frosty window I saw a speck of light at the old, abandoned house across the road. The house had been empty for two years now, and nobody ever went in it. The speck of light grew, and soon I saw a man’s shadow through the window. He was holding a violin and started to play. I was curious and wanted to see what he was doing. So I slipped on my robe and slippers then opened the door and went out. When I stepped into the open the snow fell quietly on me and the stars twinkled above. Then I crossed the road and went up to the house and looked up at the window. There was the man playing the violin. I listened and heard him playing a Christmas song softly. It made me feel peaceful and made me forget the cold. I opened the door when the song was done and climbed up a fligt of steps. Then I came to the lit room and slowly opened the door a little. The man stopped his playing and looked at the door. I started to run, but he called, “Come in, child,” so I went in. The man was fairly old and had a small beard, but had a kind face. I walked over to him, and he said, “Why are you here?” I looked at him and said, “I wanted to find out what you were doing.” Then he said, “I was playing my violin.” “Why?” I asked “Because it’s Christmas Eve! I’m playing it for the child Jesus.” he said. “Who is Jesus?” I asked, looking around the room for a child. Then he sat me on his lap and told me the story of Jesus. After he was done he told me to run home. So I started down the stairs and thougt about the story, about how a star shone on a manger, how three kings came to worship the baby, whose name was Jesus. When I was in my yard I looked back. The light was off. It was dark. No one was there. He was gone. I remembered the story and looked up. There, shining brighting and bigger was the star, and as I looked at it, it seemed to wink at me as if to say Merry Christmas. THE END.


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