It was supposed to be errand day…

but when I went out to the garage for some reason or another, I noticed the van had a flat tire. How? I have no idea, but it has been one thing after another needing fixing, especially on the vehicles. The truck sits in the pole shed waiting to be towed as well – needing a new starter more than likely.

Wednesdays are light school days and no chores since we are usually gone most of the day, so we were left with a pretty open day. You’d think we could get a lot done…wrong! Oh, we accomplished some things (one more room cleaned and organized!), but of course the list still remains too long and my laundry piled too high! 🙂 A good portion of the morning was spent playing with what St. Nicholas left in our stockings and watching the video Nicholas, The Boy Who Became Santa in honor of the feast day of St. Nicholas of Myra.

On a different note, I wanted to mention the new read aloud we started this week, A Christmas Carol by Dickens. The language of the book is quite far from um, like, how we speak today. 🙂 I have a hard time not stumbling over the words once in awhile, and the vocabulary is challenging enough that sometimes I don’t even know what I’ve just read! Still, the kids oblige me and follow along pretty well, though I think I’ve lost the three and two year old this time around. A Cricket in Times Square was the previous read aloud and greatly enjoyed by all, even Thumbsucker!

On tonight’s agenda is chicken dinner followed by HGTV’s White House Christmas where we can see how the President and First Lady will be celebrating this holiday season and what all goes on behind the scenes. This show, much to DH chagrin, is quickly becoming a yearly favorite, although I believe the amount of money spent on all the fussy decorating is a bit too extravagant – beautiful, gorgeous – but extravagant!


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