A “Nothing to Do” Day Doesn’t Exist!

At least not for moms with children at home! 🙂 I have much to do to prepare for our women’s study and our second annual Christmas party that both take place tomorrow. I still would like to help the kids get at least some of their schoolwork accomplished. My laundry needs to get done. Period.

Jesus, I ask for the graces necessary to do my work in a spirit of peace and resignation to Your holy will. Lord, I ask for a fresh annointing of Thy Holy Spirit that I may go gently, quietly, diligently into my days of service for You. Please embrace each homeschooling parent at this moment and give them Your peace. I would ask that You empower them with the resources necessary to complete their obligations in the home school. We love You, Lord, and long to see Your face. Amen. Rita Munn

Thank you Rita for your beautiful prayer and your SOAP (Sending Out A Prayer) ministry! You can find out more about Rita Munn at http://www.CHCweb.com (If I was better at this blogging thing, I’d stick the link in – but I don’t know how to do that yet and I’m hurried today! 🙂 )


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