Children’s Adoration


One of our local churches has started a holy half hour adoration for preschoolers every Wednesday. It is wonderful! My boys (5,3 and 2) enjoy it and are always excited when I tell them where we are going. We begin by showing the children how to greet Jesus. Then we gather crayons and a prayer/song sheet that is pertinent to the week (this week is was Our Lady of Guadalupe) and the kids begin by coloring. After a few minutes of settling in, one of the kids rings the bells and we “make ourselves small before Jesus” in worship for a few minutes. We follow this with a prayer and portion of a song.


It’s then back to coloring and a saint story. This process is repeated three times using the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be as our prayers. We end with the Divine Praises. It goes so fast – the boys don’t have much time to think about or do anything else besides focus pretty well on why we’re there! The bonus is the girls and I get time before the Blessed Sacrament as well.


THANK YOU Patty for all your work on this!


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  1. Bern

    How is this programme going with the children?

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