Vacation is over


Okay, so my Christmas break from blogging was a bit longer than I anticipated. Doesn’t everything take longer than you think it will? I have been trying, quite unsuccessfully, to get back into a regular routine, which includes back to full schooling since Thumbsucker is now 4 months old. I had vowed it would all begin this past Monday, and although I did manage to do more than usual this week, it still was not what I had hoped. Not losing faith though, I have set the same goal for this coming Monday, and I will give it my best effort!


*Our new read aloud is : Mary Poppins
*Our artist study this month is: Clementine Hunter
*We have yet to determine our next music study, so in the meantime, we continue to listen to the classical music we enjoy, with a little Trans Siberian Orchestra and Contemporary Christian Music thrown in.
*We will beginning RC History’s study of Ancient History next Monday – this week I am brushing up on my background reading for it as well as watching The Great Adventure Bible Series by Jeff Cavins
*Both girls are moving ahead nicely in MathUSee, with BytheBook beginning a new level this week. At this rate, both girls will be up to grade level by next school year.
*The girls seem to be enjoying reading the books that I have on their reading lists this year. Currently, BytheBook is reading The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Sweettooth is flying through various classics like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White as well as beginning The Princess and the Goblin. The boys and I continue to read a variety of books, with Outburst’s latest favorite being The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen.
*Piano and violin continue to be played, and all the kids entertain me with a play now and then. I also get a kick out of seeing what they pretend play throughout the day!
*Ice skating lessons are a weekly occurence once again for the next 10 weeks. The girls have also been cross country skiing a bit lately. Of course, all have been enjoying regular sledding outings.
*Daily Bible reading, Saint of the Day, prayer, and Faith and Life move along steadily.

This is what needs to get going yet: Primary and Intermediate Language Lessons, Science/Nature Study, and consistency with handwriting, spelling, vocabulary, narrations, copywork, and dictation. Hopefully we will be co-oping Latin class again this semester, and the kids would like to begin learning some Spanish at home. I had hoped to begin the Artistic Pursuits program this year, but financially, it is going to be pushed back until next school year. Plenty of informal art projects are always in the works!

The Homeschool group continues to be active this semester. Upcoming events include a Father/Daughter dance in February (Joe and I will be providing music), a Presentation Night and Chemistry program in March, and the Little Flowers Tea Party in May as well as the usual First Friday Meetings. 4H marches along as well with the much anticipated rollerskating party coming up in the next month or two. We are determined to visit the Shedd Aquarium in February to take advantage of our yearly membership before it expires, and we also are going to get to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in LaCrosse, WI as promised to Sweettooth too long ago.

As I write all these things down (and I haven’t accounted for what Joe and I have going on) it’s no wonder Joe and I feel too busy too often and there seems to be a constant pile of laundry and dishes! Although I may complain occassionally and often feel overwhelmed, I know that I wouldn’t want to not be doing what I am doing at home and homeschooling the kids. The kids seem to agree – at least they tell me so!

Probably not the most exciting blog entry in the world, but my intent when I started this was to help keep all my family and friends informed of our life…so consider yourselves informed! Until next entry…



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