Bread n’ Butter


He seated himself on the corner of the table and began his dinner. Heidi grasped her bowl and drank and drank without stopping, for she was thirsty after her long journey. Then she drew a long breath and set down the bowl.
“Do you like the milk? asked her grandfather.
“I never tasted such good milk before,” answered Heidi eagerly.
“Then you must have some more!” The grandfather filled the bowl again to the brim and placed it before her. He spread her bread with toasted cheese as soft as butter. It tasted delicious, with frequent drinks of milk.
-excerpted from Heidi

Okay, so Heidi had toasted cheese and bread not bread and butter, but often when I eat a thick slice of homemade bread spread with freshly made butter, I think of Heidi up in the Alps sitting in a flowered meadow eating the lunch grandfather packed her, which consisted of milk, bread, and cheese. There seems to be no snack around here as popular as warm bread from the oven and butter made from our friends’ raw cream! It can’t be beat in smell or taste.

For Christmas, my husband indulged my request for the very practical, albeit expensive, Bosch mixer. I sold him on it by talking about how easy it would be to have homemade bread all the time. I am still experimenting with recipes to get the perfect loaf of bread, but this last batch turned out pretty well (shown above!). I used hard white berries which I ground in the Family Grain mill with an adaptor attached to my Bosch. Immediately after grinding the flour, I made bread. Flour doesn’t get any fresher than that!

Speaking of recipes, here’s another keeper. It’s Elsa’s Cider Beef with Cheddar Smashed Potatoes from a recent Rachel Ray episode. You must try this, it is delicious and quite easy to make! Don’t let the fact that it contains turnips turn you off – it was a great way to get this vegetable in our meal in a way that nobody minded. I topped the leftovers in the dutch oven with the leftover potatoes and just heated up the dutch oven the next night for another supper – almost like a shepherd’s pie. If you have a large family or big eaters, you probably won’t have any leftover’s! Although we have five kids eating, they are small enough they don’t eat me out of house and home…yet 🙂


Thumbsucker is showing a great interest in food and eating lately, but he spits up so much, I’m holding off giving him any food until he outgrows this a bit. See how excited he is looking upon seeing the bread and butter?


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