Loving the Real People

Over at Trinity Prep School, Maureen had this quote:

You are not a saint because you keep the rules and are blameless; you are a saint if you live in the real world, going out and loving the real people God has put into your life.

My friend Ann is on her way to sainthood in this respect, I’m sure of it. This morning a friend and I hosted a baby shower for her and her fourth baby. She had never had a baby shower, so we were excited to give her the experience and celebrate this new life with her. True to her character as I know it however, she didn’t bask in the glow of fun with friends and gifts alone. You see, as I was preparing invitations, Ann requested to share her shower with another woman she knows, Mary. Ann told us how blessed she felt in her life with good family and friends for support and the blessings of home and such, but she knew that Mary didn’t have any of this. Mary didn’t have a great life story to tell, or money to buy even the necessities, and Ann knew it. Yet Mary was welcoming a new little girl into this world despite her circumstances. We all agreed it deserved celebrating too. We asked everyone invited to bring a gift for either Ann and baby or Mary and baby, and Ann assembled wish lists for both of them. Mary received as many gifts as Ann; the women were so generous! Mary was too uncomfortable to join us, since we are all complete strangers to her, but Ann relayed that she was overcome with emotion when she learned people she didn’t even know cared enough to give to her and her little girl. I only wished I could have shared in the fun she probably enjoyed this afternoon as she opened her gifts with Ann! I don’t know how or why Ann even met Mary in the first place, but I do know that Ann did indeed take the time to love a real person God put in her path – as did all the wonderful ladies who brought gifts too!


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