My Floor Needed Cleaning Anyway

A loud thud and an exclamation by my husband sounded from the kitchen. I jumped out of bed and ran to see what was the matter (hmm…that phrase sounds familiar doesn’t it?). I saw my husband quickly lay the baby down on the living room carpet and scramble back to the kitchen, grabbing any towel or washcloth he could. The kitchen floor was a pool of white liquid with one large rivulet of it quickly making its way toward the the dark recesses under my stove. The first thing I did was jump in and stop that from going any further. No, thank goodness, it wasn’t Elmer’s glue, just the jug of milk. I didn’t even ask. I just responded to my husband’s question on what to do by telling him to get the mop and a bucket. He helped for a bit before he had to leave for work, leaving me to spend the next hour wiping up the floor, the cupboards, the stovetop, under the oven, the table,… The funny thing was I knew I should have been up and starting my day, but it had been a bit of a rough night with thumbsucker. So, I had been lollygaggin’ in bed. Joe had taken thumbsucker, who was crying, out of the bedroom to let me continue sleeping. Then the milk spilled…Of course, there’s no use crying over spilled milk, so I just focused on cleaning up, still in my bedroom attire with my littles looking on wanting brownies for breakfast and asking for a show on TV.
It was then I decided to wipe up the whole floor while I was at it. My floor needed cleaning anyway! I already knew the day was not going to go as planned, so taking full advantage, I declared it a “special day” and gave the kids brownies and milk for breakfast (sorry mom!) and turned the TV on for them. I decided to tackle some things I’ve been wanting to take care of, and I told the girls they could help me when I needed them. They spent the morning drawing and creating other art projects. Hey! Some school did get accomplished! Check off art for the week 🙂 Actually, Bythebooks rabbit drawing was very nice. I’ve posted the book she used and the drawings she’s done below. I do so like the flexibility of homeschooling. I’m sure we will still get accomplished what’s necessary for the week. After all, it’s only Wednesday.





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