I Love My Dear Husband

Today I met with a small group of dear Catholic friends for our every other week study on prayer. Only four of us were able to make it today, so we cheated a bit on our usual format and chatted too much about other subjects (What? Some women get off topic and chatty? 🙂 ). Actually, it was very enjoyable, but I’m taking too much time getting to my point. One of the ladies and her husband are frighteningly alike to my husband and I, except she is more like my husband and her husband more like me. I get such a glimpse into the way my husband’s mind (and my own!) thinks and reacts. While a great tool of enlightenment, it can be scary at times.

So why am I sharing this with you? In all honesty and humility, in formulating in my head what I wanted to write about today, I’ve been interrupted by my boys too many times to count and therefore have lost all continuity between bringing up the little story above with the main point of letting you all know how funny and talented my husband is. Yes, I have “nursing brain”, as my friend Rose likes to call it, and I cannot for the life of me remember how I was going to tie this whole post together! Let’s suffice it to say that my main point was to suggest you check out my DH’s blog today. I hope that you enjoy his humor just as much as I do. Ladies, perhaps some of your husbands may enjoy reading some ramblings from a Catholic dad – have them check it out!


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