You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

Thumbsucker is five months old today. What a joy he has been – he has brought more smiles to this house than the rest of us combined! I am continually amazed that God has given us six little lives to watch over and raise for His greater glory. A great, and oftentimes heavy, responsibility, to be sure – but what greater work could there be than to be such an instrumental part of the journey of these little immortal souls, created by and for God? Before those of you who are married make any decisions regarding having or not having children, remember you are co-creators with God in the life giving process, and any decisions you make should be in prayerful consultation with Him and His will, the Lord and Giver of Life. May God bless you, your children and your day!

The day after Thumbsucker’s birth day


Thumbsucker, 1 month


Thumbsucker, 3 months


Thumbsucker at 4 months


Five month milestone!



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