Out My Back Window

is the pleasant sight of kids tramping through the woods and playing in their snow forts.


You can’t imagine the excitement that erupted when, upon calling the time and temperature this morning to fill in our school calendar, the recording stated it was 24 degrees! Of course, this is by no means warm, but after over a week of subzero wind chills, 24 degrees seems wonderful “go outside and play” weather. Sweettooth said “Thank goodness it’s warm enough to go outside today – my potatoes are probably burned!” What? Oh, upon further clarification, sweettooth tells me she had been boiling potatoes on the stove in her fort.


While they were outside, I pulled some cookie dough from the freezer to bake some cookies, put on some water for tea, and set the table. I’m not sure paper toweling placemats, pistachios and chocolate chip cookies are considered fancy enough for afternoon tea, but the kids are happy! Mom is too, since I enjoy teatime as much as they do and wish we could get it incorporated into our everyday routine. Joe, on the other hand, is having difficulty with his boys enjoying tea so much 🙂

And just in case you’re wondering, the potatoes were a bit “icy” but not burned. Sweettooth said the stove probably shut itself off after nobody was using it for so long.


Thumbsucker happily played with tupperware lids (soaked in spit up – yuck!) on the floor while we all drank tea.


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