Lent Begins Tomorrow

Tomorrow begins the penitential season of Lent in preparation for Our Lord’s Death and Resurrection. As Catholics, we focus on three things during this time: prayer, fasting and almsgiving. We do these things to be ever more open to God’s drawing us near to Him and to continue transforming ourselves to be “light of Christ” to the world. When you attend Mass during the Lenten season, you will notice everything stripped and simplified. I often feel the need to do the same in my own life at home so as to better focus on the Lord and reflect on what is truly important in life and what is our true reality. Now with a husband and six kids and all that involves, it’s pretty tricky at times to strip away and simplify, but I always try! What doesn’t make it easier is the fact that we often add in some special activities during Lent – stations of the cross, more Daily masses, a Lenten bible study and so on. In light of life and the addition of these Lenten happenings, some things must take a back seat and/or be eliminated during this time. For me, this means very little computer time and thus, no blogging. I will only be doing an occasional check of email during Lent, but rest assured I will return to the blogging world after Easter Monday. May the Lord bless any preparations you do this Lenten season, drawing you closer to Him and giving you a joyous Easter!


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