Busy, Busy, Busy!

Fall Fun 2007

I’ve been so overwhelmed by all I have to do that I’ve had a few moments lately where I simply couldn’t do anything, it all seems so much! That being said, I feel incredibly blessed to be doing what I do day to day, especially when it comes to being with my children day in and day out and teaching them. Even on days I have felt I haven’t lived up to the expectations I set, primarily in regards to school time, I am amazed at what the kids come up with on their own! I also can’t complain about my family putting up with the mess around the house the last month due to my wanting to organize and declutter yet again, and how I’ve fallen behind on a few other chores as a result! There has been a lot of scrapbooking, art projects, pretending, reading and computer learning games going on inside and a lot of leaf piles and mazes going on outside lately. The garden is winding down, but there are still tomatoes, herbs, pumpkin and popcorn to harvest, garlic to plant, and of course, garden and lawn clean up to begin. I look forward to that elusive moment when I will look around one morning and realize how clean and organized the whole house looks, my mail pile and school planning is under control, the garage and outside is neat and tidy for winter, and I have no canning to do. All I must do for the day is cook for my family, do school with the kids, and have a relaxing evening crocheting or partaking in some other enjoyable project that sits waiting on some shelf or in some basket. May optimism reign! 🙂


Really Red Ripe Tomatoes!


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