Thankful for Bloggers

If only I were more computer savvy…if only my computer were faster…if only I had more time…if only…I’d deliver a great blog to all of you who care to take the time to visit 🙂 Things are what they are though, and so I post when I am able on things I hope you will find interesting. I am particulary thankful this morning for all of those whose blogs I find time to visit occasionally because they are always such a joy to read, look at and learn from. Not all of them are listed on my blogroll unfortunately because I don’t have time to enter in all those I like. So thank you to all who provide such wonderful stories and glimpses into life!


We are into celebrating the second week of Advent. Our wreath is hung, our tree (undecorated) is up, and I am busy thinking ahead to this Friday when the annual adults only Christmas party will take place at our home, filling it with our many wonderful friends. I was reminded by my DH that I posted the now infamous brandy slush recipe on this blog last year with a note to remember to make two buckets this year! Thank goodness he reminded me…you see, once again, for the seventh time to be exact, I will be spending the next seven months (and more 😉 ) not quite up to snuff on my memory capability. Yes, we are expecting again in June of 2008! We have much to be thankful for this Christmas.

This little one on the way was a bit of a surprise to me, although practicing NFP always leaves that door open for the Lord to bless us. He clearly decided it was time for a gift such as this, but I must admit it’s been a bit hard to accept graciously for various reasons. Elizabeth’s posts on control and finding joy have been uplifting to me, and I thank her for sharing her struggles and insights. One thing I do not have difficulty with is appreciating how great the gift of life is, and our family was happy to welcome into this world my brother and SIL’s newest little one. How precious! I also love reading my SIL’s blog. She does such a nice job!

Today I am off to tackle cleaning and organizing my kitchen. Unfortunately, due to my pregnancy, I was not able to finish refinishing my cupboards. Therefore, I will be hosting our party with a kitchen that has virtually no cabinet doors on any of the cupboards. The best I can do is clean out and organize shelves and put the best looking cups and dishes to the front. Thankfully, I know I have understanding friends who don’t give a hoot about what my kitchen looks like, although that doesn’t mean they won’t give me a hard time about it! 🙂


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