This is a little of this, a little of that…

So a good number of us have picked up a bug in the few days after Easter here. I’m assuming it came from some of the company we had over the weekend. I was feeling fortunate because I hadn’t been sick all winter, but I guess I couldn’t get away scott free! Hopefully, it will not get any worse…


The Easter Lily finally opened yesterday! I absolutely love the smell of lilies – second only to lilacs. It makes me wish I could have fresh flowers in the house all the time. You know, just like the homes I see in my Country Home magazine each month. Somehow a house full of kids and a budget just don’t mix with fresh beautiful bouquets around my home, although there are plenty of fistfuls of dandelions and wildflowers in plastic cups around come summer.


It was sunny this morning when I got up to let the puppy out, and warm…if you can call 31 degrees warm! Instead of seeing this in my front yard, now that’s it’s officially spring –


this is what I get instead:


And to top it off, the NWS has issued a winter snow advisory for Thursday – sigh, how uplifting. At least the dog was cute enough to bring a smile to my face this morning…



I really enjoyed sharing my spiritual reading and reflections for Holy Week last week. Our parish distributed “The Little White Book” for use in the Easter Season, which I’ve been trying to read each day. It is six-minute reflections on the weekday Gospels of Easter 2008, and I thought I’d try to share a few things here and there. During this first week after Easter, the daily gospel passages are taken from all four gospels and describe the different appearances of the Risen Lord. I’ve listed the passages and a brief note that caught my attention while I was reading “The Little White Book”.

Monday, March 24 Mt 28: 8-15 If Jesus wants to meet the disciples in Galilee, why doesn’t he go and tell them himself? Because the Risen Christ acts through others. His appearances were not favors to selected individuals. He manifested himself in order to send the newborn Chruch on its mission. In today’s passage, we see him send Mary Magdalene and the other Mary on a mission.

Tuesday, March 25 Jn 20: 11-18 How can someone who believes in Jesus, meet Jesus and not know it’s Jesus? Well, he wasn’t what she had expected. His risen body was transformed. I wonder if therer are times when the Lord is present to me in a special way and I miss it because it’s not what I expected?

Wednesday, March 26 Lk 24: 13-35 Remember, these two disciples are disciples of Jesus. They walk with him for seven miles, and they don’t realize who he is.

Luke, writing some 50 years after the event, is teaching his community (and us) something crucial. Things aren’t always what they seem. We may think the Lord is absent, but in fact he is present. Truly present. It’s a real presence, not just a memory.

Luke is also teaching us that one of the most powerful experiences of the Risen Lord is the Eucharist. That is where Jesus is specially present – in his words and in the breaking of the bread.

Stay Tuned for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!
Lk 24: 35-48
Jn 21: 1-14
Mk 16: 9-15


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