Let’s Begin…Sunday, January 11


Outside The Window…

Cloudy, around 20 degrees – the warmest temp. we’ll feel this week.
By Wednesday, highs aren’t supposed to reach above zero!

From the learning rooms…

quiet on a Sunday…

From the kitchen…
didn’t fit in Breakfast before Mass – kids had cereal
Lunch – Taco Bell (mom’s break)
Dinner – was supposed to be chili, which I didn’t get done, so leftovers

Today’s “To Do” List…

get to Sam’s Club for a stock up before the cold weather hits

Thinking ahead…

a week of “putting away” Christmas, housecleaning,
and trip planning (Delaware April/May 2009)

Random thoughts…

our two year old really has a stubborn streak – we need to work on obedience!

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Making cake doughnuts

Making cake doughnuts

Slam dunk (or deep fry) - nothin' but crumbs

Slam dunk (or deep fry) - nothin' but crumbs

Thank you God for…

Your presence in the Holy Eucharist
Your many blessings on our family,
especially that of being able to provide for our large family


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