Monday, January 12

Outside The Window…

Cloudy and quiet until around 3 pm, then a nice snowfall hit.
Quiet again late evening

From the learning rooms…

We’re focusing on the house this week – always good skills and habits to learn there, right? At least I can tell myself so….
Instrument practice, some educational dvds/programs, and religion are still all on the agenda for this week

From the kitchen…


Breakfast -Cereal for the kids, eggs for Joe and I
Lunch – Leftovers again (got to clean out that frig!)
Dinner – Burgers and Fries, Me – Leftovers, Joe – who knows! He’s been gone all day with work and training.

The kitchen is very cluttered right now – I hope by the end of the week to see a clutter free, sparkling clean room.

Today’s “To Do” List…

Here’s what it was:
-fill bird feeders
-meal plan
-schedule haircuts
-begin washing bedding and blankets
-get accomodations for Delaware trip set
-take Christmas decorations down
-do some laundry
-run errands: groceries and library

what actually got accomplished:
-attended daily Mass
almost have Delaware accomodations set
-two loads of laundry got done (one! blanket)
-almost all the Christmas decor is down thanks to EE
-errands accomplished

…could’ve been better, but there’s been worse days

Thinking ahead…

Speech home visit for TM bright and early tomorrow morning – must run the vac at the very least… hopefully I can finish today’s “to-do” list tomorrow 🙂

Random thoughts…

I checked out another book from the library to begin reading on vaccinations – as if I need another book to read!

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

If only we could all sleep so soundly whenever we felt like it

If only we could all sleep so soundly whenever we felt like it


Thank you God for…

 Smiling babies!


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