Tuesday, January 13

Outside The Window…

A partly sunny day, very cold by night.
It was -13 when Joe got home.

From the learning rooms…

As I mentioned before – not our normal schedule this week.
Instruments practiced, lots of independent reading, puzzle day
for the younger boys.

From the kitchen…


Breakfast – cereal for the kids, eggs for Joe and I (boring, I know!)
(snack: cheese, crackers, and sausage)
Lunch – French Toast and Clementines, prepared by my oldest
(snack: yogurt and graham crackers)
Dinner – Chili with all the fixin’s, grapes

Things go so much smoother when I plan out the week’s menu. With the holidays, only a day here or there got planned – ugh, I’m glad to get back on track with this.

Today’s “To Do” List…

Let’s see – was supposed to finish yesterday’s “To-do” list – didn’t happen, although that’s not saying nothing happened. TM had a home visit for speech, Joe and I signed refinancing papers on the mortgage and had lunch together, and I spent the rest of the day puttering around at home. Joe had work and training until late last night again, and yes, I admit it, I started watching American Idol season 8.

Thinking ahead…

Why do I feel like this week is going to go by, and I still won’t be ready to get back to the normal routine next Monday? As Joe might say – “so what’s new?” 😉 Here’s what I’d like to read so I won’t have thoughts like these anymore.

Random thoughts…

I guess I’ll share a few things that I wasn’t planning on, but as Joe pointed out, they’re great stories and if he were writing the posts… Okay! I guess we’d be missing out on future remembrances if I fail to record them. First off, my DH wanted me to mention he has added a new skill to his list of the many he already possesses…hemming pants. Yes, it’s true, someone has actually touched the mending pile for the first time in over a year! Now why would I not want to mention this publically? Hmmmm….because it exposes just where I have a major shortcoming in regards to my home management? Yes, that’s it! However, as Joe points out, I now do not have to hem several pairs of pants. So laziness pays off? Don’t tell my kids this….

I now digress to Sunday morning. All were getting ready for church, and it was a frantic one – more than usual. As it turns out, we knew we were definitely going to be late by the time the van pulled out of the driveway. About a quarter mile down the road (thank heavens that’s all it was), AJ blurts out, “Hey, where’s (TM)?” Aghast looks at one another and the van was quickly turned around. It took us seven kids to leave one behind (okay, okay, it did happen one other time – but only once!). I fully expected to find a traumatized two year old as I bolted into the house calling his name. Instead, no reply. More calling -three times – before I heard muffled toddler-speak for “here” in some distant corner of the house. The little guy sauntered out from his hiding place, and from the smell that surrounded him, I knew what he had been doing! Who do you think was most traumatized by this event? Not him! And yes, we did make it to church – a different parish and a different Mass time.

On a completely different note, just to record this for posterity, Joe and I have been on a diet since the end of October – a strict one. Those of you who receive our Christmas letter already know about this. We are doing it for personal reasons, but Joe’s workplace was running a 12 week “excess baggage” competition that coincided with our plans. We signed up, and it ends next week. I will try to post final results and maybe even pictures then. For now, let me announce that my DH has reached his goal weight, and I am halfway there (as planned)! As of February 5 (our 100th diet day), he can eat his mother’s cinnamon rolls and saved Christmas cookies to his heart’s content, whilst I continue to forge ahead.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

When it's this cold, we all start thinking summer!
When it’s this cold, we all start thinking summer!

Thank you God for…
sunshine to brighten the house while we’re indoors, lots of blankets to keep us warm, and good books to read


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