Wednesday, January 14

Outside The Window…

Sunny – Breezy – COLD. We’re not planning on going anywhere.

From the learning rooms…

Instruments, reading, fun with “What You’re Kindergartner Needs to Know”

From the kitchen…


Breakfast – toast and orange juice, eggs – Joe and I (yes, again)
(snack: homemade oatmeal cookies and milk)
Lunch – Salad bar, grapes, Schwan’s toasted cheesewiches for some
(snack: Baked Cheetos and apple slices)
Dinner – some new recipe with chopped, cooked chix in it because I’ve got leftover chicken to use

Today’s “To Do” List…

Finalize Delaware accomodations by sending deposit/agreement
Finish washing bedding/blankets and making beds
More loads of laundry – wash/dry/put away
Get that Christmas stuff up in the attic!
Bake cookies for am snack
Make bread
Finish sorting through mail pile
Put in co-op order
Change Vac bags —wow, isn’t this an exciting list???
other things I’m sure I’ll get sidetracked on or that the kids will create for me 🙂

Thinking ahead…

I don’t want to do this today.

Random thoughts…

Read Joe’s blog – he always has random thoughts.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

My oldest daughter enjoys taking outdoor pictures, and I think takes some nice ones. This is one I picked to share today – not only do I like it but it reminds me of how it looks outside my back window today!

Thank you God for…
(from the kids) all our food and drinks, water, sunshine, daddy’s work, snow, baby brothers, our family, and comfy beds!


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