Monday, January 19

Outside The Window…
Cloudy and flurries by afternoon – but better than -20!
A beautiful sunrise greeted me this morning when I let the dog out.
God’s creation is truly amazing.

From the learning rooms…
Joe is off work today, so the kids will practice their instruments and that’s it.

From the kitchen…


B – same old, same old: cereal for the kids, us – eggs/toast
(Again, Joe comments how sick he’s getting of eggs on our diet)
L – The kids had pepperoni pizza, and Joe and I passed since we had a late breakfast
D – yummy broiled steaks with homemade fries/potato chips, raw carrots and mandarin oranges. I had a meeting, but the bowls in the sink tells me the family also had ice cream while I was gone.

I have yet to make a meal plan for the week – I already feel the consequences of this. I must get to this tomorrow!

Today’s “To Do” List…
Joe is on a mission to help me get caught up with laundry, ironing, and mending. He is working faster than I can keep up, but I can’t argue with the help!

Thinking ahead…
This week looks so busy, I don’t see much formal schooling getting done….sigh, I’d like to get back to the “regular” schedule next Monday. Why do I feel like I’m always moving the date forward for getting on that schedule???

Random thoughts…
Why is it that myself and everyone I talk to lately all seem to say the same thing – “time is flying by so fast!”

Here is picture thought I am sharing…
This is just one of my favorite pictures of our family, taken up north by our camper during summer of 2007.

Thank you God for…
good Catholic friends.


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