Friday, January 23

Outside The Window…
It seemed as though we were going to go without the joy of sunshine again today, but mid-afternoon the wind blew the clouds out and the sun peaked through for a bit. I took an opportunity to go skiing while the kids were eating lunch and CJ was napping. The girls and Joe had been out earlier, so I was looking forward to following a nice trail. Little did I realize the wind had covered everything. I also had no wax on my skiis for the conditions – what a fiasco! I couldn’t stop slipping for anything. Guess I’ll have to snowshoe until I get those skiis waxed.

From the learning rooms…
Art – We have some local ladies who make beaded servingware paired with serving dishes, etc. like this, and we were admiring their work that was for sale in the beauty salon yesterday. Today, the girls decided they wanted to try their hand at it, and I must say the results were quite good!


Although I can’t believe all the art supplies that accumulate sometimes, it is good to have the right things on hand when inspiration strikes. I’m quite sure that if I had to run and get supplies the next time I went to town, the motivation would’ve passed and the girls wouldn’t have tried this project (more than likely anyway).

From the kitchen…


Breakfast – cereal for all today, except for me…I had my favorite egg drink.
Lunch – Chicken nuggets, clementines and apple slices w/peanut butter, chocolate milk (I wasn’t hungry, so I had a couple snacks of nuts today and coconut oil)
Supper – Chicken noodle soup or Chicken parmesan

Today’s “To Do” List…
I actually don’t have a real plan for today – just going to enjoy being home and work about getting things done

Thinking ahead…
I’m hoping everyone can get to confession tomorrow.

Random thoughts…
Heard a new song today that I liked. Here’s the link.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

My own human potato head!

Thank you God for…
fresh air and sunshine


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