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Saturday, January 24

Outside The Window…
VERY cold again! I don’t think we made it above zero today, and the wind chills: -20/-25. Some sunshine was nice though.

From the learning rooms…
Saturday – day off, no formal learning.

From the kitchen…


Breakfast – Cereal (kids)
Brunch – (Joe & I) Eggs, toast, beets & green beans (just me 🙂 )
Lunch – Leftovers (for kids)
Snacks: Blueberry muffins, nuts, apples and bananas
Dinner: Tacos/taco salads for some, burger patties for others w/ mandarin oranges

Today’s “To Do” List…
nothing written out – but finish out laundry, stay on top of dishes and being picked up, run into town, hem pants, confession – all possibilities swimming around in my head

Thinking ahead…
Tomorrow will be a break from laundry and housework as much as possible – I’ve got to think about the upcoming week’s schedule and menus not to mention any schooling.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…


Thank you God for…
for good friends and other big families! We had a great time playing cards and visiting with our good friends, the Rosses, tonight at their house.


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