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Thursday, February 26

Lent has officially begun. I’ve got my little black book and my daily devotions calendar atop the computer. I’m going to update the Reading Basket for Lent in the next few days. Joe and I are back on the diet for Lent (since it’s fairly strict – it’s perfect for this time!), and we’ve given up eating out and ice cream as a family. Our priest is focusing on getting “back to the basics” for our parish family and that sounds good to me at home too. I want to keep plugging away at school and housework, keep up my daily Mass attendance, and try to improve my prayer life. I’d also really like us all to get healthy. Not that we’re terribly sick, but we’ve had a virus hanging on here since early February. With cabin fever and colds – well, we’ll be ready for a celebration (Easter) and spring!


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Ash Wednesday


“Fasting is the food of virtue. It inspires good thoughts and holy desires. It renovates the spiritual man. “ -St. Leo

Lent is a fast of apostolical tradition, which in all ages has been observed throughout the Church of God. It was instituted – (1) To honour and imitate our Saviour’s fast in the desert. (2) That the faithful might prepare themselves by prayer, penance, and fasting for duly celebrating the adorable mysteries of His Passion and Resurrection. (3) To consecrate to God by a penance of forty days the tenth of our lives, as an acknowledgment that our whole lives ought to be so spent.

(Excerpted from Catholic Life, p. 25)

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Wednesday, February 18

Outside The Window…
After a slew of warmer weather, we got a few inches overnight and more flurries and blowing today. Everyone agreed the snowfall sure was pretty this morning though!

From the learning rooms…
It’s been quite uneventful in this area – music, instruments, math, reading,… Admittedly, I’m kind of in a slump, and I’m also a bit preoccupied looking ahead to next year and budgeting out a plan. However, I’m confident all will work out fine….most days anyway 🙂

From the kitchen…
I’ve been eating “terrible” lately since we officially ended our diet. I put that in quotes because really it’s still fairly healthy – it’s just that I’ve added more treats than I intended and eaten bigger portions than I needed on occasion. I’m looking forward to Ash Wednesday when I’m going to go back on program for Lent.

B – Cereal and Toast; me – artichocke parmesan dip with corn chips and LOTS of water (I’m fighting off a cold)
L – Turkey and cheese sandwiches; cheese pizza
D – Beef Roast and veggies (and I’m sure ice cream!)

Today’s “To Do” List…
Do a blog entry
Make a few phone calls
Do some laundry
Do some schoolwork
Take it easy, drink lots of water – do not get sick!

Thinking ahead…
Looks like some thoughts for our family Lent are going to once again include giving up eating out and ice cream for Lent. It’s the week to finalize those Lenten plans!

Random thoughts…
Don’t you love to be inspired? I know I do! Here’s some of my inspiration lately:

The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio

Grace and patience

Living out the reality of God in your home

Guidelines for eating wonderfully

During my last bible study session, we discussed the virtues. I pulled out two of my books to review when I got home – I hope to add some thoughts here as I go through them.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Hurry Spring!

Hurry Spring!

Thank you God for…
Kids who enjoy playing with their brothers and sisters!

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