Thursday, February 26

Lent has officially begun. I’ve got my little black book and my daily devotions calendar atop the computer. I’m going to update the Reading Basket for Lent in the next few days. Joe and I are back on the diet for Lent (since it’s fairly strict – it’s perfect for this time!), and we’ve given up eating out and ice cream as a family. Our priest is focusing on getting “back to the basics” for our parish family and that sounds good to me at home too. I want to keep plugging away at school and housework, keep up my daily Mass attendance, and try to improve my prayer life. I’d also really like us all to get healthy. Not that we’re terribly sick, but we’ve had a virus hanging on here since early February. With cabin fever and colds – well, we’ll be ready for a celebration (Easter) and spring!


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