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It’s that Time Again – Canning Season!

The first fruits of labor are pictured above – a small batch of pickled white beets and the always reliable (and huge) red beets. And so it has begun, and so my postings will be sporadic as usual! We have been extremely busy with some home projects this summer as well as all the usual summer fare. While the outcome has been rewarding, the grueling schedule has really gotten to us. We are saved by the few visits we have been able to make to our camper up north, as well as some beautiful days working in the garden. It is so good to be eating out of the garden again – carrots, onions, peas, green beans, herbs aplenty, potatoes, beets…soon to come will be cucumbers and sweet corn. Yum! According to Joe, we will be starting our diet again Wednesday for 50 days. I’m completely unprepared for the strict menu again. Looks like tomorrow will be a day to clean the refrigerator and visit the natural foods store…more on the outcome of Diet II to follow, I’m sure.


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