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Our Newest Addition!

Big Sister and her new Little Brother

A Family Welcome

We are now officially a double digit household (as my husband pointed out as he filled out our census form)! Our 6th little guy, I.X., made his way into the world March 1 at 9:45 pm – the exact time predicted by my DH approximately 6 hours earlier when I took some medication to try to get things started after my doctor’s appointment, which was 5 days past my due date. How he managed to nail the time exactly is something he is very proud to proclaim. I am so thankful for all the prayers and help from family and friends. God heard all the prayers, and He answered them by giving I.X. and I a normal and healthy delivery and recovery. I.X. weighed in at 9#, 7.5 oz. and was 21.5″ long, which falls right in with the rest of the kids. We are blessed!


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