Keeping The Home

We own some land about an hour away from where we are now. It is part of my husband’s family farm. We keep a large garden there every year (yes, it’s a lot of running) and have planted asparagus, raspberries, and blue spruce, lilac, crabapple, apple, cherry, and plum trees on our plot over the last few years. I would dearly love to be right there to care for the garden on a daily basis. We’ve been toying with the idea of building a home there; however, we really do like where we live now and are firmly entrenched in this community. Nevertheless, we imagine what we might like to do with our bit of soil. With my interior design background, I dream up all sorts of home plans and have yet to come up with the perfect one. We are a family of eleven, and I can’t say with certainty that we are done growing. I don’t want a rambler of a house to have to keep up, and yet, with so many people (and so many future gatherings to host, God willing!), it is hard to “think small”. I want versatility, excellent use of every inch of space, simple beauty, natural materials, easy maintenance, self reliance, and durability. I don’t want to skimp on my kitchen or deal with low quality plumbing and bathrooms. I don’t want a master suite or formal dining room….everything must have a practical use. Oh – but a mudroom – that is a must! 🙂 How to build small, yet feel like you have room to breathe and work – how to choose high quality materials and still work with a small budget – these are the challenges. I don’t know if this home project is a possibility or not. What are your thoughts? Those of you with big families – what’s most important to you in a home? Take this journey with me in my mind, and should this project ever become a reality – I’ll share it with all of you!